Sleep Aid

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Sleep Aid contains a balanced formula of 7 active ingredients

  • Contributes to the reduction of the time it takes to fall asleep
  • Contributes to extra energy in case of fatigue
  • 2 months packaging
  • Vegetarian capsules

Sleep Aid

Do you also have such trouble falling asleep quickly? Almost 1 in 3 Dutch people sometimes suffer from this! While this is usually considered quite harmless, the risks are greater than you think! A night that is too short not only affects your health and mental well-being, but has just as much effect on your results in the gym! Reasons enough to make the time you need to fall asleep as short as possible!

Sleep Aid contains a balanced formula of 7 active ingredients. Sleep aid thus contributes to the reduction of the time it takes to fall asleep. In addition, sleep aid also helps to relieve the experiences of jet lag. The mineral Magnesium contributes to extra energy in case of fatigue. To top it off, Sleep Aid contains various extracts such as valerian root and passion flower that were already used in ancient Greece. Get fit again with Sleep Aid! *


Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before going to bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who is Sleep Aid for?
A) Sleep Aid is intended for anyone who has difficulty falling asleep, jet lag, or fatigue.


Why is there little information shown about this product?

Unfortunately, we are only allowed to give limited information about supplements, due to strict European regulations. Only approved claims which are mentioned in the EU database are allowed to be mentioned. Therefore, often we aren't allowed to share results based on scientific research that have not been submitted to the EU for approval.

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