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Whey is without doubt the most important supplement to create your perfect body. Whey Delicious is most famous for its superb quality, great taste experience and relatively low price. Whey Delicious has an excellent composition, it has a soft taste, not too sweet and absolutely delicious both with milk or another drink of your choice.

Benefits of Whey Delicious

  • It is our best-selling protein and according to our customers the most delicious one they ever have had
  • Perfect quality for a low price
  • High amount of Whey Isolate
  • Low in fat and carbohydrates
  • Great for a protein diet
  • High values of BCAA's and Glutamine
  • It supports your muscle recovery
  • It does not contain any aspartame
  • It is Europe’s most popular whey!



The most delicious protein pancake you have ever tried - guaranteed!

Almost everybody loves pancakes. You can vary a lot with pancakes and even without any extra's, pancakes will still taste good. But the biggest problem are their nutritional values. In our opinion, pancakes must be pancakes, so you surely need carbohydrates. Where many competitors focus on only 'protein' pancakes, we chose for a product with healthy carbohydrates from oats. This gives a better structure which is quite the same as a normal pancake, rather than pure protein pancakes. We experimented with pure protein pancakes, but they were hard to bake, and the structure was very weird.

Our vision for pancakes is that they must be nutritious. That's why we added fat from only pure eggs. This is a healthy source of fats. Then we also added protein from various sources: Whey protein and Micellar Casein. This way you will have a slow and fast-acting protein.

This is what you will 'eat' when you are enjoying our Delicious Pancakes (flavor: vanilla):

  • 36% Protein from: Whey Concentrate and Micellar Casein
  • 37,5% healthy carbs from oats
  • Only 1,8% natural sugar!
  • 17,5% fats from eggs

To finish the product, we created a vanilla flavor sweetened with only Stevia, the healthy sweetener. We also have the delicious 'Original Pancake' flavor available for you.

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