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Perfect Mass Gainer 5 KG!

(Huge bag of 5 Kilo! looks small on picture)

Perfect Mass Gainer is the ideal supplement for those having trouble gaining muscle mass and weight. Perfect Mass Gainer is a superior mix of several carbohydrate and protein sources, does not contain added sugars and has a low fat content. We putted this gainer into the Perfect Series because of the attractive price. The Perfect Series is known for the best value-for-money products.

The complex carbohydrates from oats and buckwheat ensure a great carbohydrate source. Oats and buckwheat are very popular among serious athletes. The protein mix on the other provides for a balanced amino acid profile ensuring that you won't miss any important amino acid. The added vitamins and minerals improve the absorption of all nutrients.

Perfect Mass Gainer dissolves quickly, is easily digested and available in several delicious flavors.

Mega Grow

Mega Grow is known for years as the ultimate post-workout supplement! Mega Grow is the perfect product for those who want to reach their max! It contains everything you need immediately after a training: Creatine, L-Glutamine, Taurine, BCAAs, Carb-Loading, Vitamins and Minerals in one product. Not only the ingredients are great, but also the assorted flavors are delicious! 

Customer Reviews

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Luca Murray
I Can only recommend!

The perfect mass gainer has a really nice texture due to the Buckwheat and oats contained in, it all my friends who tried it right away asked where I got it from. Really nice combo, I got back into good shape after only a month of using the supplements even though I am quite the hard gainer!

David M
Very good

This cherry flavor is the best one I ve ever tried. Very happy with this mass gainer!